Why I Volunteer – McKenna

SAM asked some of our volunteers about why they share their time and talents with us. Here’s what our one of our summer docents, McKenna, had to say…

“Before I started volunteering for the Saint Albans Museum, I felt as though the small town I’d lived in my whole life had no history. Or if it did, it wasn’t the kind I was interested in. Then I started volunteering with my grandma and I realized how wrong I was. St. Albans has a history as intricate as any other town in the United States, it’s just not as well known. My first time through the museum was the day I went with my grandma, when I was eleven. My school hadn’t started bringing classes on field trips to the museum yet, so I missed out on that. And now, after being a volunteer for five years, I urge schools to bring their students to the museum, so they don’t miss out on it for as long as I did.

SAM Volunteers McKenna & her grandmother, Nancy

Every day at the museum brings a new surprise. I have met and interacted with so many people because of my time at the museum. Just when I thought that I had heard every story I could hear about the families of Saint Albans, someone would walk in and tell me about how their family was connected to the small railroad town. Those are the best days at the museum. When someone walks in and tells you their story about why St. Albans is important to them, why this museum is important for our community. Every town needs people who want to preserve its history, people who want to keep it alive. For St. Albans those people are the museum volunteers, the people who donate money and artifacts, and the people who donate their own history. Sons and daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of St. Albans past residents who come to the museum to tell their story or to see their family’s story being told.

Through my time volunteering at the museum, I’ve learned so much about Saint Albans and its residents, past and present. I got to experience the 150th anniversary of the Raid which was incredible all on its own. This museum has so much to offer the community and in turn, the community has much to offer it. I will forever be thankful for the experiences and opportunities that volunteering has given, and will continue to give to me.”