Northwest Passages Ep 3 – St. Albans Bay & Immigration with Elise Guyette

“Northwest Passages” Episode 3, recorded remotely on May 8, 2020, with Elise Guyette, a Vermont teacher, Historian, Co-founder of the Burlington Edible Tours, and author of “Discovering Black Vermont.”

Take a step back in time through Elise’s family stories and historic photographs for at a glimpse of life with Lebanese immigrants who settled in the Saint Albans Bay region at the turn of the century. She talks about the importance of food, family, and the challenges of immigrant experiences which are marginalized.

Listen anytime, anywhere here. And see below for a gallery of historic family images, courtesy of and copyright Elise Guyette:


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  1. Margaret Child Elias – Formal photo from the early days at the Bay.
  2. Nelson– clipping from a family photo c. 1905 at the Bay.
  3. Margaret at her Bay pumping water. No date.
  4. Elias family photo – 1908 at their home in the Bay (L-R)
    Back row: Amolina, Julia, Mary
    Middle: Margaret “Maggie” and Nasif “Nelson”
    Front row left to right: Anna, Cordelia, George
  5.  Mary Elias 19teens at the Bay
  6. 1940s Ralph L. Guyette in Washington, DC. He worked at the Pentagon.
  7. 1944 Ralph L. Guyette & Louise Cooney Guyette in Washington, DC.
  8. 1945 Nelson Elias with (baby) Richard Guyette at the Bay
  9. 1950 Nelson Elias at the Bay.
  10. Elias plot at Mt Cavalry Cemetery
  11. c 1916 Mary Elias Guyette & Harry Guyette at the Bay

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