SAM to Host Hamilton Exhibition & Events in July 2017

The Saint Albans Museum is pleased to announce the exclusive Vermont appearance of the traveling exhibition “Hamilton: The Man Who Invented Modern America” during the month of July, featuring extended select evening hours.

The Museum will also host a special presentation by Prof. Willard Sterne Randall – “Hamilton: The Man and the Music” – on July 13 at 7pm.

Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s most visionary founding fathers, is with us every day, not only in our wallets (on the $10 bill) and on Broadway, but also in the republic’s most vital institutions. The exhibit, from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in New York City, will be on display at the Saint Albans Museum from July 5 – 28, 2017.

“Vermont holds a unique place in the story of the Founding Generation,” said Alex Lehning, Executive Director of the Saint Albans Museum. “The Hamilton phenomenon is generating such profound and timely discussions around the country right now about our history and heritage – we are pleased to bring that conversation to St. Albans.”

The exhibition, based upon the New York Historical Society exhibition of the same name, examines Hamilton’s important role in the Revolutionary War and Founding period. More than any other founder, Hamilton foresaw the way we live now. In his ‘Federalist Papers’ he advocated ratification of the Constitution, as Treasury Secretary, he oversaw the adoption of a national currency, and as an economist, he recognized the importance of trade and commerce in building a strong nation. Never one to shrink from a fight, political or otherwise, Hamilton was killed at the age of 47 in a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr.

Drawing on Professor Randall’s 2003 biography, Alexander Hamilton, A Life and using excerpts of songs from the hit Broadway play, Hamilton, Randall will tell the story of Hamilton’s life and the impact of the play on Hamilton’s reputation and the modern teaching of American history.

“Americans of the 21st century may admire Hamilton more than any generation since the founders themselves,” said James G. Basker, President of the Gilder Lehrman Institute. “So much about him is attractive to us. He was an immigrant from the Caribbean, a disadvantaged orphan who became a war hero, a self-made man who rose to become a framer of the Constitution and architect of the American financial system.”

For more information on the traveling exhibition “Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America” or the presentation “Hamilton: The Man and the Music,” please contact the Saint Albans Museum by phone at (802) 527-7933 or visit us online at SAM in also on Facebook:

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The Saint Albans Museum is open Wednesday – Friday from 11am – 4pm and Saturday from 10am -2pm. SAM will open for extended evening hours on Wednesday, July 5, 12 and 26 from 5-8pm – and will host a special “Kid’s Night at the Museum” on Wednesday, July 19 from 5-8pm.

The Saint Albans Museum was founded in 1966 (as the Saint Albans Historical Society), and is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history and heritage of northwest Vermont through programs, exhibitions, performances, and special events.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History was founded in 1994, and promotes the study and love of American History among students, scholars, and the general public.