All Politics Is Local

The Saint Albans Museum is interested in connecting with Franklin County residents who helped make history this Inauguration weekend – both in Montpelier and Washington, DC.

Many of us are familiar with the saying “All politics is local.” Some of the most interesting artifacts and documents in our collections are related to Vermont and US politicians, campaigns, elections, and political events.

Did you attend the Inauguration, the Womens March, or other event? How did make your voice heard here in Vermont or in our nation’s capital? Please contact us to share your stories, images, memorabilia, – or even homemade signs – for documentation or inclusion in our archives.

We are also interested in recording the experiences of those who attended the Inauguration of Gov. Phil Scott. We hope to hear from you!

Project Guidelines

1. Memorabilia (ex: signs, buttons, programs) or images from either events in Montpelier, VT or Washington, DC are welcome. We are most interested in the stories of Franklin County residents regardless of political affiliation.

2. Please include your name, address, email, phone number when contacting SAM.

3. Items will be photographed/recorded and may or may not be accepted into the permanent collection. Museum staff will be happy to discuss your options and preferences, as well as review the paperwork required for a donation. All items (including digital materials) contributed to this project become property of the Saint Albans Museum without restrictions.

4. The purpose of this project is to encourage you to document your experience- whether that’s a diary/journal entry, blog post, scrapbook, audio or video blog, etc. The history of tomorrow is created today!

Photo: St. Albans residents Vickie Harris, Jonas Kambire, Kate Larose (L-R).